we are

“We enter into a partnership with our clients”


“We enter into a partnership with our clients”


Established in 2007, Absolution is an integrated marketing agency that was born out of a desire to create and nurture ideas into fruition. Tapping onto the expertise of our digital and marketing trained professionals, we provide digital development, marketing and creative services.


At Absolution, our group of talented individuals are not into the business of answering briefs. Instead, we partner with our clients to develop solutions and create experiences that enrich lives.


“We firmly believe that work
is essential and nourishes human life.”

We create opportunities that are meaningful and crucial for the growth of individuals who seek to attain self-actualisation, where they have the ability to realise their fullest potential regardless of their location.

Through this, we aim to nourish the lives of those around us.
As we continue to evolve, we strongly believe in creating
a sustainable business model for both our employees
and customers.

Meet The Team

Abby Lim


Abby is the people person overseeing all things from Marketing to Business Development.

Her passion to transform ideas into creation motivated her to start Absolution in 2007. Prior to that, Abby spent 7 years in Sales & Marketing and Project Management roles across IT development and web design agencies. In the past 9 years, Abby has successfully grown Absolution to move from its initial web development business into what is today an integrated marketing agency.

Abby is a firm believer that excellence is an attitude and carries it through to everything that she does. Her commitment is to make a difference in the lives of the people she meets by coming alongside individuals to develop and achieve their goals.

Lai Swee Chyi
The Creative Brain


Swee Chyi is a Senior Graphic Designer at Absolution.

As a visual artist, Swee Chyi is passionate about design, creativity, freedom of expression and equality. In her past 9 years, she has gained a wealth experience in collaborative work environments where she was involved in many aspects of project processes, from conceptual brainstorming, to design, development, fabrication, prototyping and production for the different types of client needs.

Her motto in life is to travel. She believes that life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your life away. When she is grounded, she spends her free time spread over too many hobbies like leather working, crocheting toys, gardening, reading Nail Gaiman and Terry Pratchett books, and poking fun at her multiple dogs.

Augustine Kuah
The Executor


Not to be confused with an executioner, Augustine is the project executor at Absolution ensuring that projects get picked up from their conceptualisation stage and seen through to completion. With his keen eye for detail (honed through being a professional photographer), his sharp logical mind and his networking/ IT background, Augustine is the company’s jack-of-all-trades, representing the always-connected world we live in.

In his free time, Augustine enjoys playing games, whether it be fragging somebody in a virtual world or exercising his mind in a strategical board game. He also enjoys exploring and seeing the world, capturing its beauty through the eye of his lens.


Wahidah Ab Rahim
Coordinator of all things


Wahidah is a Project Coordinator at Absolution.

Gifted with the talent of multitasking and yet staying focused at the same time, Wahidah is the person everyone goes to when they want things done. Coming from a retail background with 5 years’ of experience, she has developed the skills to understand what customers’ need and effectively communicate them to the rest of the team ensuring results every time.

Her to-do list is never-ending and her desk is constantly covered with notes and post-its. But don’t be fooled by her organised chaos. She knows exactly where, when and what needs to be done at the back of her hand.

At home, Wahidah enjoys baking, crafting, watching movies and spending meaningful times with her family and loved ones.